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Cane and Silk


        At Cane and Silk we are in the process of building new bamboo fly rods. At this time I have several tapers available that have been developed by master craftsman of years past. All of the new rods will come with two matching tip sections

       All the components and finish for these rods will be selected by the customer, the only portion that will be identical from rod to rod is the cane itself. All bamboo rods will come with a hand made rod sack which is made for each rod built. Each rod will be inscribed with the length, line weight, serial number and any other requests from the customer


       The price for each bamboo rod is $ 429.00 which includes any components/finishes etc. selected.





Available rod's/tapers


Cane and Silk's "The Pohopoco"

  • Named after a local headwater/tailwater fishery in my area of PA

  • 7' 4 wt 2/2

  • Medium caramel Tonkin cane


Payne 98 taper

  • 7' 4 wt 2/2

  • Flamed Tonkin cane


Payne 100 taper

  • 7' 6" 4/5 wt 2/2

  • Flamed or Medium caramel Tonkin cane


Winston 7042

  • 7' 3/4 wt 2/2

  • Flamed Tonkin cane



"Little Gem" series


Little Gem 001

  • 6' 3/4 wt 2/2

  • Medium caramel Tonkin cane



Little Gem 002

  • 6'6" 2/3 wt 2/2

  • Blonde Tonkin cane


Little Gem 003

  • 6'6" 3/4 wt 2/2

  • Flamed or Golden Tonkin cane



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