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Cane and Silk


Bamboo rod restoration

At Cane and Silk we offer custom rod restoration services whether the customer wants to restore a family heirloom or refinish a vintage rod to continue its fishing life


Please view the component page under the bamboo fly rods for all options for new and restored rods


Initial cost to restore a bamboo fly rod is $175.00


This includes the following:

  • Completely strip the rod without the use chemicals

  • Evaluate cane sections for cracks, sets and other flaws, repair/straighten as necessary and determine which components can be re used if any.

  • Prepare the cane for varnish/urethane finish selected by the customer

  • Hand dip finsh the cane sections

  • Once cured re set or replace ferrules

  • Set up guide spacing with new guides and wrap with customer selected thread

  • Finish guide wraps with customer selected varnish or epoxy

  • Once dry cast the rod and ensure ferrules are tight and no other issues are present

  • Each rod will be returned with a custom made rod bag free of charge  


  • Please Note:  If new ferrules, cork grip or reel seat are needed, they are not included in the price listed above

Payne reel seat before

Payne reel seat and grip after

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