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Cane and Silk


Line and leader dressing


     Cane and Silk is offering two brands of line and leader dressing The first is "Otter Butter". This is available in two sizes and comes with a small piece of chamois for application. Next is traditional "Red Label" mucilin. Neither dressing contains silicon.




Otter butter mini:  $5.49

Otter butter full size:  $8.49


Red label Mucilin: $5.49






























Comming Soon!


     Cane and Silk brand fly line dressing: this dressing is made from my proprietary mixture of natural material and is perfectly suited for use on silk fly lines and leaders


Ferrule wax


     I have two types of ferrule wax available. Paraffin and pure beeswax. This wax is suitable for lubricating and tightening ferrules on fiberglass and graphite rods. I do not recommended this to be used on any metal ferrules. 


Price $0.99 ea


































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